Welcome to the website of North Country Coatings, LLC. We are an independently owned company providing the best coatings at the best prices with the greatest customer service! From floor to ceiling, ground to rooftop, we have you covered! Our products, Vortex Coatings, Granitex Flooring, Flomat, and Eco-Meric Roof Coating, provide a finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and impermeable.

The Vortex product systems have been proven year after year, in fact well over 50+ years of real world applications! The North Country Coatings Team will stand behind the Vortex Coating systems! We believe in Quality Work, Quality Service and a total Quality Experience with every project from start to finish and even long after the we have left your project in your hands!

Vortex Spray Coatings

Granitex Floor Coatings

Eco-Meric Roof Coatings