A message from the owners

Brian Gullickson

It all began when I wanted to find a bed liner for my new Screaming Eagle F150, after searching for about 4 months I came to learn about Vortex Spray liners and the many numerous applications.

I learned about Vortex while I was at the Waldoch service center in Forrest Lake, Mn, so after they explained the pros and cons of the three liners I had Waldoch coat my truck. Fast forward the clock now about 3 more months I learned that one of my manufacturing partners has been spraying their oilfield equipment for the past 4 years but in the beginning they were using the other two liners that seem to be well known with little luck so they made the switch to Vortex after learning about the quality products and they are completely satisfied.

So, that was two lucky stars lined up and during a road trip this past Presidents day I phoned the owner of Vortex John Knott and had a long visit with him over the phone. Well, after two more months of researching and searching for quality partners I pulled the trigger and sealed up the State of North Dakota.

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